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Sierra Mining and Crushing - Tucson AZ

Locally owned and operated in Tucson since 1998, Sierra Mining and Crushing specializes in sourcing and creating premium landscaping materials including sand, gravel, and decorative stone for residential and commercial applications, delivery service available.

Who We Are

Sierra Mining and Crushing is Tucson’s eco-friendly choice for a variety of quality landscaping materials, recycling services, and transportation solutions.

Whether your project is residential or commercial, we've got all of your needs covered with expert consulting, competitive prices, and friendly service.

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From finely-ground sands made from recycled concrete to naturally occurring giant boulders, you’re sure to find what your project needs from our wide selection of materials. We offer a variety sizes and colors of gravel, sand, mulch, organic compost, bedding, and decorative stones.

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Our Commitment

We believe in making the most out of every material. In addition to our offerings of recycled products created from the refuse of demolition jobs, renovation projects, and from plant and food waste. We also provide the collection and processing of your unwanted debris. Why send it to the landfill?

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Whether you need our products brought to your location or to arrange for us to pick up your materials on-site, our fleet of over 25 full-service freighters can get the job done. From hauling and transfers, to dumping and roll-offs, we have the right vehicle for your shipping needs.

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